STIGA Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

In the world of table tennis, STIGA is a well-respected manufacturer of durable equipment. STIGA currently has a signed agreement with the Swedish National Table Tennis Team, one of the leading teams in table tennis. This agreement will run until 2020.

The devotion of STIGA to the Swedish table tennis teams is just one of the many ways STIGA has shown how their brand of ping pong equipment is among the best in the world.

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Even their cheaper beginner models, such as this STIGA Advantage table tennis table, are one of the best tables on the market.

What We Like

Ideally suited for light usage indoors, the STIGA Advantage ping pong table has everything your family, friends or workmates at the office need to relax and unwind. It’s definitely the perfect table for quiet indoor settings.

Easy Assembly

The QuickPlay assembly means that the STIGA ping pong table already comes 95% pre-assembled. This is a welcome relief for those of us who struggle to put even the most basic of IKEA furniture together!

Reviewers are delighted that it only takes about 10 minutes to assemble the entirety of this table. Because let’s face it, we all want less work and more play. With the STIGA Advantage table tennis table you just attach the wheels to the legs and you’re set and ready to go.

The table halves themselves may be quite difficult to flip over once the wheels have been added, so it is recommended you have another person to assist you with doing this. Please be careful as tables are generally quite heavy.

The two halves of the table are only connected by the net which you clamp on afterwards. Push the tables together and make sure the wheels are locked and you’re ready to play. The net attaches quite easily and within seconds. It works on a clamp system – it just clamps onto the table.

Some reviewers have had issues in the past clamping nets onto other tables, but not with this STIGA indoor ping pong table.

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Independent Halves

The clamp on this table is sturdy and holds up well. You’d be surprised how important this is to keeping your frustration levels low when you’re playing ping pong and your ball repeatedly hits the net.


The STIGA ping pong table comes in two halves which allows for the most compact storage. Reviewers enjoy the ease with which they can move their table around when it is not in use and the minimal storage space required.

The undercarriage can be folded underneath each half of the table, allowing you to nest the tables into each other. Many reviewers agree that the compactness in the STIGA ping pong table is tighter than many other ping pong tables.

Spring loaded locking mechanisms are available on each half of the ping pong table, providing extra stability and security when you are transporting or storing your ping pong table in the upright position.


Like most ping pong tables, the STIGA ping pong table also comes in two independent halves.

This allows the table to be used by just one person when they want to play a game of ping pong by themselves. Just tilt one of the tables into the upright position and play against yourself to increase your skills.

Each half of the table can also be used independently as a standalone table for other purposes.


The corners and edges of the ping pong table are protected with a 1.5 inch steel apron. This helps to support the playing surface, providing more strength to the table top. The legs are 1.5 inch square steel legs which automatically open as you stand up the table into the player position, further simplifying the set up process.

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Advantage Frame

The legs also include leg levelers in case you need to adjust the height of the table when playing on an uneven ground.

Reviewers have not had issues with leaning on the table or the table halves sliding despite the table being split into two halves. This attests to the durability and strength of the ping pong table.

To increase the lifespan of the playing surface, the table top is also UV cured. This helps to prevent warping of the playing surface due to exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures.

What We Don’t Like

While this is more than adequate for beginners and recreational use, more advanced players may be more interested in finding a table top of greater thickness for greater and more consistent bounces.

Beginner’s Playing Surface

The surface of the STIGA ping pong table is a 15 mm thick high density MDF table top.

It still provides a good amount of bounce and challenge for beginners and people playing the casual game of ping pong.

Buying advice

Priced at around $400, this STIGA indoor ping pong table is one of the best beginner ping pong tables available around.

Some of the features found on this STIGA indoor ping pong table, such as UV curing, are reserved by most manufacturers for outdoor tables only (which is why outdoor tables are so much more expensive).

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table


But considering this STIGA ping pong table contains UV curing to prevent warping in the sun and is still available for the same price as standard beginners’ tables, this just shows that STIGA are aware of how easy it is even for indoors tables to warp.

STIGA cares about their customers, and you’ll be hard pressed to find another ping pong table of the same quality and price which also includes UV curing.


STIGA prides themselves on making the best quality ping pong tables around, using the finest materials and the most recent research in technological areas.

Whether it is for a competition grade ping pong table or something simpler for a beginner, STIGA doesn’t skimp on the important features.

This STIGA Advantage ping pong table is sure to be a permanent addition to any family that has a love of the casual friendly game of ping pong. We’d recommend you snap up yours today.

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